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December 20th thru January 1st

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All stands open from 9am until the last customer leaves!
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All Lafon's Fireworks Stands are Fully Loaded the LARGEST SELECTION ANYWHERE!!!!
These are just a few of our huge selection of excellent fireworks!!!

The Biggen!
Huge Assortment
9 500 gram cakes,
12 large 200 gram cakes
5 different artillery sets.
Complete Fireworks Display
in 1 Big Box!

The Instigator!
84 different
massive artillery shells
Single, Double,
Triple and
Quadruple Breaks

The #1 artillery shell
of all time! 24 of the
biggest canister shells
allowed by law.

Sir Lancelot!
The 6 pack version of

Sparklers, rockets, roman candles,
smoke balls, fountains, snap n pops
small variety packs and more...

Black Cat Fire Crackers
500-16,000 wheels

Lafon's has the finest quality fireworks by
Black Cat, Boomer, Megabanger, Golden Bear,
Brothers, World Class etc...

Wake the neighbors and
set off car alarms
with this 500 gram cake.
12 huge shots with
vivid reds, emerald
greens, vibrant yellow
chrysanthemums and a
massive silver peony finale.

1. CHOPPER 500 Gram Cake Provided By

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